The Mystery of Eternity

The Mystery of Eternity


The sharp sting of death is so very painful

The shattering loneliness is even more so.

But I know within the depths of my heart

You are never very far from me

Even though we are now apart.

I struggle on facing each new day

Knowing that you are only a few steps away.

I feel your touch in the rain

And I hear your laughter in the wind.

It helps to quell the unbearable pain

And still the endless yearning for you.

Your memory lives on all around me

In the air and in the trees.

It is the mystery of eternity.

And in the dark of the night

When I close my eyes

I can see your smile…

Until the first morning light.

It is the mystery of eternity.

I know that each step I take

You are walking right beside me

Never letting go…

I never did say goodbye,

I only said, “I’ll see you soon.”

You didn’t die, you only moved on.

I feel your presence all around me.

Our souls are eternal and I know I will see you again.

It is the mystery

and the promise

of eternity.


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