What If…


What if the self-proclaimed religious leaders are so preoccupied with telling others how to live and doling out warnings of looking to the sky for Jesus and it turns out Jesus has been here all along, observing the way we treated others. What if those who are convinced they are somehow superior to others, either financially or intellectually, realize they must answer to those who they once ridiculed? What if, in the end, we learn that it never mattered whether we were rich or poor, whether our hair was brown or pink, whether we were black or white, whether we were heterosexual or homosexual, whether we were skinny or fat, whether we had tattoos or not, whether we had piercings or not, whether we won beauty contests or not or whether we followed society’s rules or not. What if we learned that the only thing that truly mattered was that we loved with all our hearts and never judged anyone else? What if?



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