I hear all the laughter that drifts through the air during days such as these. I see lovers embracing as the implied warmth of the season inspires the heart. And my heart dies a little more. What selfish creature am I to envy those in love? Envy shames me so. It is the happiness of others that I seek to encourage, but still…a part of me desperately craves the happiness I once knew. I miss the embrace of the one I love, I miss the kisses too. I can see the sun beaming down from above, but I cannot feel the warmth anymore. It is cold. It is always cold. And dark. The darkness consumes me. I could feel your heart beating so loud and so fast, thump, thump, thump…thump……thump……….thump. And, then no more. I could feel my heart doing the same.  It is so silent in the darkness. Ask of me what eternity may be likened unto and I would reply: “Two years, two years is as eternity.” Ask the same question of me again next year and I will reply, “Three years, three years is as eternity.”

©Relinda R.


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