The Icy Clutch of Winter

A vestige of once brilliantly colored leaves cling to the ground as the icy clutch of winter seeks to crush them into dust. Still…they fight to survive when they are only destined to perish. They float in the cool breath of the frosty air just to feel alive. They were once beautiful and vibrant, now struggling to find a home. Such a pointless struggle, it would seem. But in the end, it is not pointless, it is through their death that the soil is nourished and an endless cycle of life is created. Their brothers will thrive in the spring. They will thrive until winter’s icy clutch seeks to crush them too. I envy the dying leaves. Sometimes, I wish winter would wrap its icy arms around me and crush me too.

©2011 ~Relinda~ ImageRetrieved from – Nature Pictures


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