Staring into a mirror at her own reflection,

She sees the lines and darkness around her eyes.

Staring intensely, she welcomes a brief reception

Of understanding and releases a long sigh.


She speaks to the tired image she sees

And admits her tragic defeat.

She no longer knows with whom she pleas,

She only knows her desperate pleas are complete.


 One last sweep of mascara onto her lashes

And one last whisper of ruby red lipstick.

Images of youth dance in her mind as flashes

as the candle’s flame disappears into the wick.


The fear of empty existence looms in her head.

She welcomes the prospect of a long-awaited date.

She brushes her graying hair in anticipation

Of renewing the love she lost to the sisters of fate.


Her reflection stares back into her eyes

With complete acceptance and understanding.

It knows her pain and hears her agonizing pleas

To be kissed and loved again while angels sing.


One last glance into the eyes of the bereaved

She whispers goodbye to all the grief.

A smiling reflection seems to say, “I, too, grieved”

And breathes one last sigh of welcome relief.

©2012 Relinda R.


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