The Flood

Darkness envelops those chosen in its grasp

As the element of life gathers its powers.

All the human strength begins to collapse

As the water begins its deadly shower.

Shattered dreams washed downstream

As those left begin to pick up the pieces.


Lives lost, lives changed forever.

And we are reminded that we are only men

Once again.

Hearts ache, hearts may never heal

As the power of nature is revealed.

Why…why…why is what we ask

As rescuers continue their task.

Some claim to understand and to know the pain

Only those who heard the cries really know.

Their lives will never be the same

As the loss settles in and begins to grow.

Scattered fragments of what remains

Reminds us all that we are only men.

All that we can do is wonder why

As we pray for understanding.

All that we can do is cry

And keep these victims of nature’s wrath

In our hearts as we pray

And as we move on day to day.

The waters recede and reveal the tragedy

And we are reminded that we are merely men.

Nature is still more powerful than we,

…but we also witness humanity.

The flood is at an end…

But the aftermath just begins

For the victims, for our friends.

May God comfort and hold them all tight

When darkness envelops them in the night.

…and in the day.

Nature’s flood is done,

…but for those left, the flood has only just begun.


©2010 Relinda R.


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