The Enigmatic Ramblings of a Crazy Woman

     I think each of us goes through life searching for some sense of purpose. We mindlessly follow whatever the dominant paradigm of our generation preaches, whether it is “Stepford” mentality, independence or dispensationalism. We want to stand out as the generation that changed the world, when realistically, we usually follow along and blend. Along with the endless quest for answers to our existence, we search for love. Yes, love. Most of us long for love in some manner. I think solitude may lead to madness. Look at our world; we connect at the touch of a cell phone or click of a mouse. Look at all the available methods to chat and connect via social networking sites, even dating sites. I saw an advertisement for a “Farmer’s dating site.” Really, I did. Someone told me, “Farmers need love too.” I think that is one of the most true and hilarious insights I have ever heard. Farmers are people so why shouldn’t they seek love too. We gather in our cliques and chatter about things that may not matter to our great-grandchildren. Maybe they will get it right. Maybe mainstream bullshit will not sway them. Perhaps flying away to some great yonder will not consume their thoughts and they will concentrate on realizing we each evaluate our own experiences in this life.


     Perhaps it will be their children who realize that homosexuals are not a threat. I think one of the dumbest things I hear is that homosexual marriage is a threat to the institution of marriage. If two people in love threaten your marriage, then you have a lot more problems. It makes me sad when I hear all the rhetoric regarding homosexuals and how God condemns them. The God I know is more apt to be disappointed in the way everyone picks out biblical verse and twists it to suit his or her purpose. It is as though the part about not judging and loving thy neighbor is less important than the parts where we get to judge and condemn others. In addition, what of all the “chosen” religions. Are we so vain that we believe one religion reigns supreme over another? What if we all go to the same place, regardless of our religion, color or sexual preference. The point is—we do not know, not one of us, not even the crazy dude who yelled, “The end of the world is here.” Live and let live. It is a great concept.


     A sense of purpose and love are the two major goals of life. Why can’t we all just chill a little and accept that. The movie with that little Haley kid presented a good idea, pay it forward. Do something nice for someone else. Say something nice to a stranger. Hold the door for a stranger. Are those really such difficult concepts to comprehend? Are we so greed-driven and consumed with jealousy that we cannot even take the time to say “good job” or “how are you today?”  The world, our world is not going to change overnight, but let us hope it changes at some point. Let us hope everyone stops listening to people ranting about how we are all going to hell and instead begin listening to our own souls. I went to a church once and listened to the preacher tell a story about a man who had died. The deceased man’s wife asked the preacher to speak at her husband’s funeral service. The preacher began telling how this presented such a dilemma for him because he knew the man was going to hell. How could he, a man of God, say good things about a man who did not attend his church and would go to hell for it? I think my chin fell to the ground.  If there is a hell, I think that preacher will be serving drinks. I left.

©2012 Relinda R.  


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