china doll

Imagechina doll

 she lie perfectly still Wondering what she did wrong

what Unforgivable sin could she have acted upon

to warrant this silent Suffering for so long

her tattered arms, half broken porcelain, half cloth

lie stretched from her sides as though staked that way

stuffing dared to peek from the torn threads

while Fragments Of porcelain motionlessly lay

upon the ground beneath her once beautiful head

Love and Adoration once filled her days

she wore the prettiest dresses and bows in her hair

which hung in such a beautiful way

framing a round smiling face so fair

now she was naked and ashamed in the dirt

one bow lay nearby, half-buried in the ground

she was Alone and frightened with a spirit so Hurt

a sweet sparrow’s tune was the only sound

the tune taunted her, reminding her Love was Gone

her lips, once pink and moist, faded now

baked in the sun, dry and pale as bone

tried to form a word, but the word Died out

Silence enveloped her and she tried to scream

but no sound could escape her little throat

she glimpsed a Memory of playing near a stream

as her mommy gathered her into her warm coat

a Tear glimmered upon her pale cheek

and she fell into a deep Eternal Sleep

©2012 Relinda R.



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