More Monsters

The monsters tried to get me last night. I tried to sleep but they would not have it. Every time I dozed, I would wake moments later to find myself drenched in sweat. My face was wet, but I’m not sure if it was sweat or tears. I know it was the monsters. I could see them lurking in the darkness of my bedroom. I think I saw one perched on the cascading spray of fall flowers that adorned his coffin. It smiled at me. Its teeth were remarkably white. I never imagined that a monster could have such impeccably white teeth. I think I smiled back at it. I’m not sure. I felt their long fingernails scratching at my flesh during the night. One of them whispered in my ear. I felt its hot breath upon my neck as it whispered, “Never again.” I am tired today. I must have fought them all night. I felt them slither under the covers from beneath the bed. I kicked one and heard an agonizing cry escape from its throat. I don’t see any monsters today. But I know they will be back tonight to prevent the formation of the sweet dreams my love wished for me.


©Relinda R.


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