Rock on, Muppets!

I am very disappointed in what I am witnessing in society. Throughout history, racism and hatred have been promoted under the guise of Christianity. I find it so disturbing that people can promote hatred by proclaiming they know the mind of God. Homosexuality is a big target right now because President Obama has announced that he supports their rights. I have seen people going ape-shit crazy commending a certain restaurant for standing up for what they believe by saying homosexuals have no rights because they are in violation of God’s word, yet I have not seen one thing commending the president for standing up for his beliefs in believing that every man and woman has a right to live. So, do we, as a nation, think it is fine to stand up for what you believe as long as it is what everyone believes? I do not know how to tell people but if they are opposed to companies that support gay rights, they should do some homework. Companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Apple and even the Jim Henson Company recognize that every citizen of the world have rights. Are we really going to condemn the Muppets to hell because they think homosexuals deserve the same rights as heterosexuals?

I will be the first to admit that I am not a theologian who has spent my entire life studying the Bible and understanding how things are often lost in translation. However, if memory serves me correctly, there is also something in that Book about not judging others and one sin being equal to another sin. I also seem to recall something about Jesus declaring the importance of love. I do not recall him saying, “I’m going to pick those of you who condemn everyone who is different from you to live with me.” Really people, get a grip. I remember something about a bunch of wars beginning because of twisted religious fervor.

I think someone needs to remind these people promoting hatred that the Bible was written by men and the books were carefully chosen by what best promoted a political agenda. There was many other books denied inclusion in the Bible because they demonstrated that women were independent. That displeased some rulers. We certainly do not want women thinking they have rights.

If everyone would just recognize that we are all in this thing together and stop arguing about who is going to hell and who is not, it might be a much better world. I was recently discussing religion with someone and told him to follow his heart. You know in your heart what is right and what is wrong. Listen to it. Stop listening to the same voices that said witches were running amuck and must burn or was it float. Live and let live. When you say, “Oh, I am not judging that person, only his or her lifestyle,” you sound like an idiot. If a group of gay folks comes to your house demanding that you be gay, then you can practice your right to protect yourself. Otherwise, what is it that disturbs you so much about homosexuals or anyone who believes they are human beings too? How are they such a threat to you? I am always hearing how Christians are such wonderful people. Right now, I am not feeling it. Please stop choosing certain verses and taking them out of context to promote hate. Look at the whole picture. Stop listening to TV evangelists who make millions of dollars telling you what to think. Think for yourself. Your heart knows the truth, listen to it.

If you are reading this right now, you are experiencing one of two emotions, anger or agreement. If you are angry and believe that, I am going to hell, oh well. If you are hoping that I will insert an apology for offending you at this point, then continue to get angry because there is not going to be an apology. I know myself well enough to recognize that I have no right to judge anyone based on his or her sexual preference. I have no right to judge anyone based on anything. It was not that long ago we wiped out Native American Indians because we wanted their land. It was not that long ago that we thought it was just fine to kidnap human beings and sell them into slavery. Two-hundred years from now, someone will be saying it was not that long ago we actually thought it was just fine to condemn others because they were different. Listen to your heart. Your heart knows the truth. If we are basing hatred purely on the Bible, unless I missed something in there, Jesus never said to convert and kill all the Indians, make African Americans your slaves and hate your gay neighbor and anyone that does not hate him too. Rock on, Muppets, rock on!

©Relinda R.



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