Broken Vases and Broken Hearts

Sometimes, in life, there are shattered pieces scattered across the earth that are destined to remain broken. That is as true for vases as it is for hearts. Regardless of how much glue one uses to try to put all the pieces back together, it just will not hold. Duct tape is useless when there are a million pieces scattering in the breeze. Whether the glue is in the form of dead horses that once breathed the power and beauty of life or Libby Louise’s tips on overcoming grief, it is impossible. At least one piece, probably more, will catch in the breeze and drift aimlessly, never to be found again.

ImageOf course, one can use glue or duct tape to hold the remaining shards together, but that is only a patch. The scars are there forever. The fractures will always be visible. Once broken, it will remain broken. And there will always be that missing piece visible for all the world to see. People will inquire what happened to the beautiful vase that once was home for freshly cut orange, pink, and blue flowers and you may reply that fate knocked it from its perch and broke it into a million pieces. It leaped from the table to its sudden death, but it lives on scarred and missing that one important piece. I could not save the thing, as hard as I tried. And now it continues to live on, a wretched hull of something that once exuded warmth and love, while transcending eternity. Without that piece, it is ugly, empty, broken… and worthless.

ImageThat is how it is for vases, as well as hearts. Contrary to popular belief, there are separations so strong that Elmer, duct tape, or Libby Louise is powerless in efforts of renovation. One may pick the scattered pieces up and try to make it whole again, but sometimes, it is pointless. Sometimes that missing piece is the key to being complete. Sometimes that one missing piece was the part that exhibited the warmth and love that made the whole thing simply beautiful. Sometimes that missing piece is everything and without it, there is only a desolate hull remaining. Sometimes…

©2012 Relinda R.


6 thoughts on “Broken Vases and Broken Hearts


  2. Relinda, I love metaphors, too.

    You are comparing a broken vase to a broken heart.

    Such sadness in those words a vase does shatter and is almost meant to be breakable. Especially when displayed, because in a case where it is protected it cannot be appreciated. But a vase is man-made unlike a human heart. Humans with all their technology cannot glue a vase back together like new.

    But god created humans. Hearts do stop beating and some bleed. But humans can be broken and the difference is that flesh has the capability of healing unlike a shard of porcelain. How wondrous healing is. It is miraculous and it happens without conscious effort. Of course, the wound can leave scars but the pain diminishes. Your heart is still bleeding and cannot heal at this moment. Your heart is far from worthless, too. A broken vase is ugly. A broken heart leads to compassion and sensitivity. You have a beautiful heart.

  3. So you wait; reflect. After a time you begin to see the image of the ideal vase you would like to make yourself. You don’t know how–right now–but you will learn. It will just take time. For now–you continue to reflect and gather strength… The road is ahead.

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