“Out, out, brief candle”

Everything ends. Regardless of whether it is unbound bliss, or inconsolable anguish, it must end. Knowing when something should end is the key to true wisdom. Sometimes, there is no other alternative than to close your eyes, gently extinguish the flame and whisper, “Out, out, brief candle.”Image                                       It has to end soon. I no longer recognize this stranger living within me. Traces of Hope lingered even after I thought him dead, but now I know he is truly gone. All that is left is an empty shell that some stranger inhabits. It has to end soon. I do not recognize the reflection that stares back at me with hollow eyes. The remainder of what is me is wise.

©Relinda R. 2013


6 thoughts on ““Out, out, brief candle”

  1. So good to hear you are still out there! I know this seems like a bleak reality but I kind of view it as a positive step. I think(and I certainly don’t have all the answers) saying goodbye to hopes of retrieving the old life is necessary before you can say hello to what is ahead. I believe there are GREAT THINGS in store for you!! Thinking of you and praying God’s bright sunrise of hope, shines in your life.

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