Visits in the Darkness


The monster visited last night. Every time that I dozed, I would wake moments later to find myself drenched in sweat. My face felt wet, but I’m not sure if it was sweat or tears. I know it was the monster. I could see it lurking in the darkness of my room. I think I saw it perched on the cascading spray of autumn flowers that adorned his coffin. It smiled at me. Its teeth were remarkably white. I never imagined that a monster could have such impeccably white teeth. I think I smiled back at it. I’m not sure. It whispered in my ear. I felt its hot breath upon my neck as it whispered to me. The monster’s name is Grief.

©2013 Relinda R.


8 thoughts on “Visits in the Darkness

  1. Fear is such a horrible thing. One day you will slay this monster, Relinda. I know you will. There is so much love and beauty inside of you. Grief is ugly and unbearably lonely. He will send you a sign soon. It is time. This monster you won’t need to embrace. Grief is unfortunately your companion for now. Look for that sign – do not be afraid.

  2. the monsters are there and they are real. some will not admit but we all have them. There are all the thought we should have thought and didn’t, There are all the things we should have said and didn’t, there are all the things we should have done and didn’t. There are the thing we wanted but never processed. The things we had but lost. They wake us up at the most inconvenient time, and will not allow us to go back to sleep, The eat at us when we are alone. They make us uncomfortable in a crowd. But, do not despair for if you let them in they have must to say. they will grab you in their hands and yell in your face “We are bound, I am your monster or your angel. You are mine and I am yours, We are bound by the toughest bonds that carry us on our trip through the universe. If once you forsake your monster your grief, then you have forsaken your existence. When that monster wakes you it is saying ” .YOU HAVE AN HUMAN EXISTENCE” and that is a very precious thing. You have confirmed that you exist as a human.

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