Charlatan Veneer


Walls painted pure in white with stains of charlatan veneer seeping through plaster. Rising from the pews are faces wearing the façade of devotion while dark desire stirs within their loins. Mantras masked in fear dripping from tongues dipped in the dried ink of detestation. The impressionable little children absorb the fumes of ancestral bigotry within open minds hungry for information, amidst woven carpets where goodness lay still within pores of stone. Beneath ancient stone, love silently weeps to escape the vacillation of humanity’s misinterpretation. Image

And while He shudders with disgust at thousands of years’ accumulation of odious and ignorant delusion, He embraces a starving homeless man donning disheveled garments, lying helplessly in the dark alley, just behind the mound of plaster where echoes of brimstone scream in laughter, where fat women dressed in flowers baked bread all night for the charming pastor, whose spittle reeks of hypocrisy. With disappointment in His eyes and all knowledge in His being, He carries His child Home, where hatred exists no more.

©2013 Relinda R.






6 thoughts on “Charlatan Veneer

  1. A good way.! Haunting because it reaches deep into what we know to be true but try to hid behind a facade of religious respectability. Jesus knows his own. And it ain’t them. Them: The ones without souls, the one with out authentic human existence, the hypocrites.

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