from Shades of Grief


Pictures-of-Autumn-21I had never watched the leaves so intently as during that brisk day near October’s end. Their dying dance hypnotized me. One lone leaf caught my full attention as it danced in the wind to join what I believed must have been its lover. I thought . . . it does not want to dance alone; it wants to dance one last time with its partner. The two clung tightly to each other as a gust of wind lifted them skyward and they floated back to the ground gracefully. It was a beautiful dance. They joined as though they were kissing each other goodbye. They lie still, never to dance again. I continued to stare intently as I wiped my cheek and the wind brushed my arm. And I thought . . . I just witnessed the most elegant last dance in the world. I envied those leaves.


©Relinda R.


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