from “Delusional Illusions”



Masks exist to hide reality. One can become skilled in the art of masks, if one works continually at the illusion. Others will not be successful. There are always those who see through the mask and know it is a transparent shield to hide the loneliness, but most crave the illusion. After all, they don’t mind the emptiness inside you as long as they cannot see it. And to the bearer of the mask—it becomes necessary; it digs into your flesh until you become one and then, only you  will remember it is a mask.

If you listen to people, it becomes increasingly obvious there are few who truly mind the mask you wear. You learn to smile at the right moments, and laugh when necessary, and that is all they really want to see. They want to believe that you are happy to be alone. They do not care that you really weep alone, so long as they do not see it.

©2014 Relinda R.


2 thoughts on “from “Delusional Illusions”

  1. Great post, so true, the mask kills us. So important to let the real us shine through regardless of what people think.

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