My name is Relinda. I lost my husband in 2009. Since then, I have been on a roller coaster ride of emotions. I enjoy writing and long to share my work with others. I am currently an English major planning to begin grad school in January. I hope to teach at an institution of higher education and encourage others to reach for their dreams. If you took the time to read this and read my work, thank you. If you liked my work and followed my blog, thank you. A few people have told me that I will never be published.  I hope to prove them wrong.

Everything I publish is copyrighted, but please feel free to share or reblog, as long as you give me credit and provide direction to my blog. Thank you.



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  1. Hi Relinda,
    Your writings are beautiful I can so relate to all you say. I hope you are doing better by now, it’s horrible to be in grief for so long. Have you found any solutions for all this pain? I just feel there has to be a “Key” or something to enable us to get through it. I’d love to hear from you.

    • Thank you so much, JoAnn. I wish I knew a quick fix-it. I have a wonderful family and exceptional friends; I believe that is what keeps me going. I recommend finding something you are passionate about and giving it your all. For me, it is my drive to pursue higher education, and teach in college. I spend my waking moments either working or concentrating on my studies in graduate school. It is ironic that you mention “Key” in your comment. Before he died, my husband uttered these words quickly upon waking, “The key is in helping others.” Perhaps that is our magic “Key,” JoAnn.

  2. Being published is nice, but getting the emotions out is the main thing. As a last resort, for me at least, self-publishing is an option. I am going to back to school at age 36 to get my English Degree so that I can teach middle school. Good luck

  3. I commend you for writing about your grief. Please do not listen to anyone telling you that you will never be published. Your writing is being read and you are touching other people. Being published is not what it’s about. It’s about sharing your deepest feelings and eventually you will heal because of it. Even though it has been years, you have lost a piece of your soul and you are adjusting. It is incremental and excruciatingly slow. But as you know, it’s a process and sometimes it feels as if it will never get better. I write a lot about grief and I was touched by your words. Hang in there. You will heal.

    • Thank you, Judy. I appreciate your thoughts. Someone recently told me that I was harming others by expressing my grief. It is a thought that haunts me. It eases my guilt to know that my words may help someone else.

      • I cannot believe that! I wrote an entire story called “Grief 101.” I think it’s about the fact that unless someone has gone through the AGONY, they don’t want to hear it – it’s too upsetting and scary, because it could happen to them! There is no harm to allowing yourself to feel. People that are grieving will appreciate your words and those that don’t understand will run away with their discomfort. That is until it happens to them. Few people escape grief at some point in their lifes.
        Also, guilt is a useless emotion. It serves no purpose and is a barrier to happiness and healing. If your words didn’t help someone else, it wouldn’t matter – it helps you to express your pain. Never stop! Keep writing and don’t ever listen to those words that aren’t helpful, even if it seems like they are said with the best intentions.
        I hope I’ve helped you. Writing changed my life and it is never too late to change! Hang in there.

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