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from “Delusional Illusions”


“How cute and ignorant that the endless quotations say, “you never know what’s waiting around the corner” or “the best is yet to come.” I don’t think the purpose of such quotations is to encourage amusement, but I find myself laughing hysterically. How enlightening and simultaneously depressing to know exactly what lingers around the corner and to understand our flawed perception of hope is merely an illusion designed to mask the darkness of reality. Pessimist?—nah, no labels please. While they continue to kneel and imagine all the good things are coming, I continue to watch the sky dangle perilously close to the ground. I’m almost certain the sky will fall and crush the earth below. In a twisted turn of false hope and optimism, perhaps that does mean something good awaits . . . just around the bend.”

~Relinda 2012 from Delusional Illusions



Monsters are real. They creep out from their hiding places late at night while everyone is sleeping. They whisper threats into my ear and remind me how empty life is now. They stab my heart with jabs of yearning. They taunt me mercilessly, reminding me of dreams long dead. They tell me how I will never again know love. They chant it repeatedly. I fight them but they always win. If only they could take me away to their hiding places once and for all. Then I could be a monster too. It would not hurt so much then.


©Relinda R.