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Sometimes rainbows explode and float just out of reach. Sometimes there is only barbed wire stretched out to scar you. Sometimes dreams come true, but sometimes the wire snares the dreams and tears them to shreds. Sometimes poetic justice hides in the trees, waiting to slither just out of reach. Sometimes the emptiness you feel is real. Sometimes…it is time to go home.

©Relinda R.



     I often think about the pain people endure. Physical pain…emotional pain…it all hurts. For some, it becomes a pissing contest to see who hurts worse. What a sad reflection of humanity. There are days that I pray to God to allow me to go home, but I know in my soul that there are others hurting so deeply that I cannot begin to fathom their pain. We all hurt. It stems from our free will. As I walked my little schnauzer this evening, I talked to God. My feet are hurting so badly from plantar fasciitis that sometimes I do not think I can take another step, but I keep stepping because I must. I agreed to this path long, long ago. I know that deep within my soul, but it does not prevent me from begging God to let me go home. As the schnauzer and I walked, I announced to God that I have accepted the fact that I will never again be loved, but what is so difficult is accepting that I cannot see my love ever again in this life. I asked God how much longer I must suffer. There was only silence. Not even the wind dared to whisper.

©2012 Relinda R.