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Monsters are real. They creep out from their hiding places late at night while everyone is sleeping. They whisper threats into my ear and remind me how empty life is now. They stab my heart with jabs of yearning. They taunt me mercilessly, reminding me of dreams long dead. They tell me how I will never again know love. They chant it repeatedly. I fight them but they always win. If only they could take me away to their hiding places once and for all. Then I could be a monster too. It would not hurt so much then.


©Relinda R.


The silver cord…

The silver cord is breaking its tie with humanity


Souls lunge forward and grasp at unseen tethers


Clinging to the illusion of peaceful serenity


The gossamer thread snaps and severs


And all that is left is harsh cold dark




©Relinda R.





I buried you on a dreary winter day.

It was cold and I remember freezing,

I am freezing still in a strange way.

I remember the song “Arms of an Angel” playing

as everyone lined up to see you and say goodbye.

I was praying that an angel was saying

That everything would be all right.

I remember a strange buzzing in my head

 as I picked out your favorite pair of Levis

 But I couldn’t hear what the angel said.

Because of the incessant buzzing in my head

And I could feel it vibrating in my heart.  

I remember requesting that your cap be on your head,

as it always was in life.

I remember the tears that slid down my face

as I took your hand and asked, “Is that better, honey?”

Those same tears still slide down my cheeks,

sometimes forming a pool around my heart.

I remember trying to smile at everyone

and make them feel at ease

while the sound of my heart breaking

deafened me.

That sound deafens me still.

The smile I wore as a mask

to hide my grief was made of iron will.

I wear that mask still.

I know you are not in pain

and I know that you are doing fine,

but I miss you terribly.

I know that I will never hear

the words “I love you”

again in this life,

but I continue on

doing what I must do.


People tell me how strong I am,

they do not know how I fall

to my knees when no one is looking.

I know that I will see you again,

But I always ask when…when.

I remember staring at the wooden box

you were in before it was lowered into

the ground and thinking how

it could not be real.

I was worried that you would be

so cold that night.

I was. I am cold still.

I know I promised you

that I would be fine and that you

should do what you had to do,

I lied. I never lied to you before,

but I had to so that you would stop

worrying about me. I am sorry that I lied.

I remember that cold day in December

when I said “see you later.”

It was the darkest and coldest day I ever knew.

I have not felt warmth or seen the sun since that month.

What did I do? Whatever did I do?

I miss you, my love. I miss you so very much.

When I buried you, I buried part of me too.

It is my wish that you are warm now and feel the sun.

It is my wish that you are no longer in pain.

It is my wish that one day… you will be standing in front of me

with open arms, saying “I love you.”

Only then, will I feel warmth once again.

©2012 Relinda R.

china doll

Imagechina doll

 she lie perfectly still Wondering what she did wrong

what Unforgivable sin could she have acted upon

to warrant this silent Suffering for so long

her tattered arms, half broken porcelain, half cloth

lie stretched from her sides as though staked that way

stuffing dared to peek from the torn threads

while Fragments Of porcelain motionlessly lay

upon the ground beneath her once beautiful head

Love and Adoration once filled her days

she wore the prettiest dresses and bows in her hair

which hung in such a beautiful way

framing a round smiling face so fair

now she was naked and ashamed in the dirt

one bow lay nearby, half-buried in the ground

she was Alone and frightened with a spirit so Hurt

a sweet sparrow’s tune was the only sound

the tune taunted her, reminding her Love was Gone

her lips, once pink and moist, faded now

baked in the sun, dry and pale as bone

tried to form a word, but the word Died out

Silence enveloped her and she tried to scream

but no sound could escape her little throat

she glimpsed a Memory of playing near a stream

as her mommy gathered her into her warm coat

a Tear glimmered upon her pale cheek

and she fell into a deep Eternal Sleep

©2012 Relinda R.



Staring into a mirror at her own reflection,

She sees the lines and darkness around her eyes.

Staring intensely, she welcomes a brief reception

Of understanding and releases a long sigh.


She speaks to the tired image she sees

And admits her tragic defeat.

She no longer knows with whom she pleas,

She only knows her desperate pleas are complete.


 One last sweep of mascara onto her lashes

And one last whisper of ruby red lipstick.

Images of youth dance in her mind as flashes

as the candle’s flame disappears into the wick.


The fear of empty existence looms in her head.

She welcomes the prospect of a long-awaited date.

She brushes her graying hair in anticipation

Of renewing the love she lost to the sisters of fate.


Her reflection stares back into her eyes

With complete acceptance and understanding.

It knows her pain and hears her agonizing pleas

To be kissed and loved again while angels sing.


One last glance into the eyes of the bereaved

She whispers goodbye to all the grief.

A smiling reflection seems to say, “I, too, grieved”

And breathes one last sigh of welcome relief.

©2012 Relinda R.