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Cold Embraces

The end of another year is yet another painful reminder of the sorrow solitude carries. Visions of memories that could have been built glimmer as multi-faceted prisms within the mind. The shimmering beauty captivates the eye and the heart. Forlorn souls can only watch as the mesmerizing prisms fall and shatter into a million tiny slivers of lost hope. And at the stroke of midnight that heralds in a new year, while most are in the arms of love, the bereaved are in the arms of agony. The forlorn souls will sleep in the cold embrace of misery tonight and every night beyond.

© 2011 Relinda R.






I stood among the magical red and yellow trees,

The place we stood and felt the cool autumn breeze.

I begged you to take me away to the place you went,

I screamed to you to take me from this torment.


The wind began to blow and you whispered to me,

“You cannot go just yet; you have many things to see.”

You felt the stony earth cold beneath your feet

From the time of your birth until your life was complete.


I screamed loudly at you for leaving me all alone

And you whispered through the wind, “I am not gone.

I left footprints to guide your way through the dark

and I live in your heart where I made a permanent mark.”



I cried to you, I begged God to bring you back to me

And you told me that we will meet again in eternity.

I asked why your life had to end that way, my friend

And you replied, “Life goes on; it never really ends.”


You told me life is a circle going round and round,

It never ends. We all walk upon the stony ground

And others will follow the footprints we leave

Until it is time to see each other again. Just believe.


You live on in my heart and my memory,

Everything you saw, I can see clearly.

You are the wind, the sun, the stars and the moon.

You are the inspiration for the sparrow’s tune.


Life is a circle going round and round,

It never ends. We all walk upon the stony ground.

You are still with me and you did not leave.